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Timeline of Hudson’s Hope

1793 – On his second attempt to find the Pacific Ocean Alexander Mackenzie canoed up the Peace River, becaoming one of the first europeans to do so. However he avoided using the portage trail so that he would not have to come into contact with local natives.

1805 – Simon Fraser, James MacDougall, and John Stuart establish Rocky Mountain Portage House for the North West Company.

1814 – North West Company closes the Rocky Mountain Portage Post because it is not profitable enough.

1821 – North West Company and Hudson’s Bay Company amalgamate.

1823 – Reopened trade with Dene-Tha (Slave) First Nations at the Rocky Mountain Portage Post. Punished Dunne-za (Beaver) First Nations for there actions at Fort St. John by refusing to trade with them at the newly reopenned post.

1828 – Simpson successfully navigates Peace Canyon for the first time in history.

1860 – Gold prospectors arrive to seek gold from the Peace and Parsnip rivers, some stay in Rocky Mountain Portage House to trap for the winter.

1863 – A trading post is built by Cust, Carey, and Moberly on the west end of the portage.

1868 – Cust, Carey, and Moberly’s trading post is closed, leaving little competition for the Hudson’s Bay Company in the local fur trade.

1868- December marks the earliest mention of “ Hudson’s Hope”.

1869 – Gold rush to Omenica.

1873 – First railway survey made – Butler mentions the town’s name as the “ Hope of Hudson”.

1874 – Selwyn surveys for Geological Surveys of Canada – Hudson’s Hope is still on the south side of the river.

1899 – New log post is built on the present site of the Museum on the north side of the river – records showing Hudson’s Bay Company owning 7 acres.

1901 – Neil Gething locates several excellent seams of coal in the area around Hudson’s Hope.

1905 – Bill Carter arrives, Herbie Taylor is the factor of the Hudson’s Bay outpost – Bredin and Cornwall build a trading post later bought by Revillon Freres.

1907 – Reginald Withers Shaw (Uncle Dudley) arrives.

1908 – Smaller gold rush to McConnell Creek on the Ingenika River. Neil Gething and W.S Johnson stake a coal claim in the canyon coalfields.

1911 – Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacDonald, Stanley Wallace and Charlie Pacquette arrive in the Hudson’s Hope area. Last North American crown land given out for homesteading in this year.

1912 – Flood of homesteaders arrives, nine individuals file for their ¼ section of land.

1914 – The first caucasian child, Toulie Louise Beattie, is born.

1915 – Dominion Telegraph completes the line from Edmonton to Hudson’s Hope

1916 – Construction of the sternwheeler, D.A Thomas, at town on Peace River.

1929 – Last “treaty” money paid to First Nations in Hudson’s Hope.

1929 – Peace Glen Hotel built out of logs by Bob Ferguson.

1930 – Dr. Sternberg, a geologist from Ottawa, removes some slabs bearing dinosaur tracks from the canyon.

1934 – Stege’s three storey general store is built with lumber from the Gething mill up Beryl Prairie.

1934 – Local men hired as packers for the Bedaux expedition.

1957 – Peace Glen Hotel burns down.

1957 – Investigation into the Hydro potential of the Peace River.

1959 – First bank opens in Hudson’s Hope ( Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ).

1960 – Construction on Bennett Dam begins – new Peace Glen Hotel is built.

1963 – Hydro houses and row houses are built – forerunner of Rod and Gun Club is formed – Glenville Supermarket is built – Sportsman Inn under construction.

1964 – The Peace Bridge is built – swimming pool and tennis courts are opened – Hudson’s Hope Elementary School is opened.

1964 – Bullhead Mountain Curling Club opened near the Bennett Dam – the airport is built.

1965 – Hudson’s Hope is incorporated – Dudley Shaw passes away – Fire departments formed.

1966 – 2000 men at work on the W A C Bennett Dam, population rises to 6,000.

1967 – Lions Club is formed – Museum opens on Canada Day – the Municipal Hall is built.

1968 – General George R. Pearkes Elementary School opens – first Rodeo is held.

1968 – Bennett Dam goes into production.

1969 – Hudson’s Hope Community Hall is built – Hudson’s Hope Public Library opens in the Red Cross Outpost building.

1970 – Portage Mountain Yacht Club is formed.

1972 – Curling rink built on town site.

1973 – Peace River slide by the Halfway River – new Post Office built.

1976 – St. Peters Church becomes joint Anglican – United and the new library opens.

1976 -1979 Dinosaur tracks excavated from the Peace River Canyon as paleontologists work to salvage as much pre-history as possible before the Canyon is flooded to form Dinosaur Lake.

1980 – Peace Canyon Dam is operational.

1981 – New ice arena opens.

1981 – Gething Diagnostic and Treatment Center opens.

1982 – Dinosaur Lake opens for fishing – Mrs. Elizabeth Beattie of the former Gold Bar Ranch passes away.

1984 – The Tourist Information Centre opens in the new log building across from the Museum- Silver Willow Senior’s home opens.

1985 – Guelly Pavilion indoor riding arena is built – Municipal Hall expands – the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce closes – North Peace Savings and Credit Union opens.

1986 – Secondary school incorporated to include K-7 and General Pearkes Elementary school closed (reflecting the population decrease following dam completion).

1991 – General Pearkes School opens as the Maranatha Christian Academy for students K-8.

1993 – New Hudson’s Hope Elementary/ Secondary School opens.

1994 – Hudson’s Hope Clinic burns down (few days later the clinic reopens temporarily in the basement of the District Office).

1996 – “sink hole” investigations on upper surface of Bennett Dam requires that the level of Williston Lake be lowered by a “spill”.

1997 – New Health Center is opened – new RCMP offices opens – technology arrives in Hudson’s Hope, bank machine installed at Marg’s Mini Mart.

1998 – North Peace Savings and Credit Union relocates to new building.

2008 – 70th anniversary of St. Peter’s Shared Ministry Church.

2009 – 75th anniversary of the Bedaux Exhibition.


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